Point72 Asset Management, L.P., is an American hedge fund. SAC Capital Advisors was founded in 1992 and converted its investment operations to the Point72 Asset Management family office in 2014. As of 2020, Point72 employs approximately 1,500 people. Point72 has its main office in Stamford, Connecticut, and there are several satellite offices around the world.

Point 72 London Office; 8 St James's Square, London, England, SW1Y 4JU.  

Supply, Design and installation of a Panduit Category 6a structured wired network on the 2nd floor of their St James Square Office. 

360 x Panduit’s Category 6A UTP copper cabling systems utilize Advanced MaTriX Technology with advanced connector compensation techniques for Dealer Desk deployment.

In addition to this we installed both Fibre Optic and Copper back bone cables to link the 1st Floor MCR and new 2nd Floor SCR. These were carried out using diverse routes and consisted of 2 no. 24 Core OM4 Fibres and 2 no. 24 Category 6a Host links.

Opti-Core™ Fibre Optic Indoor Cable is an integral part of the Panduit end-to-end fibre optic solution, designed to support today’s data needs while meeting tomorrow's ever-advancing network requirements.

All structured cabling to emanate from two supplied and installed 45U Ortronics Mighty Mo Racks within the designated SCR (Satellite Comms Room), bayed. 

All Core and Edge Chassis Hardware presented in two supplied and installed 45U APC Comms Cabinets, one at 750mm x 1000mm and the other at 600mm x 1000mm, bayed. 2 no. iPDU's supplied and installed in APC racks and connected to UPS mains.

Supply and installation of 6 x 48 Port Panduit Replication Panels to RJ45 tails. These will be split over both Ortronics Mighty Mo Racks (50/50)  to APC Comms Cabinet 02-SR100. Presentation of these will be loomed back from the Cisco 4510 Switch (pre-patched as per provided schedule) back to panels. The Patch Panels are 48 Port 2U Angled with Cat6a 10Gb’s Black Jacks and include hoop and loop strain relief bars.

Supply and installation of 2 x 24 Port Panduit Cat6a Patch Panels as follows; Ortronics Mighty Mo Racks to APC Comms Cabinets (50/50) Angled panels to flat all loaded with Cat6a 10Gb’s Black Jacks and included hoop and loop strain relief bars.

Sawtec undertook the supply and installation of PDU’s to the desk. We allowed for the supply of 80 x 4 Way 32Amp Standard System Power Units (White) and 80 x 6 Way 32Amp Auxiliary Earth System Power Units (Red). The latter Auxiliary system also comes with a V connection to support the single 13Amp socket provided on the desk as part of the desk furniture. This is a scalable modular system that Point 72 can add to as required.

All cables brady label wrapped at point of termination and Sharpmark engraved hard labels at both patch panel and user ends. A full Cat6a and OM4 test of all channels carried out on completion using a Fluke DSX5000. Results of this will be saved to PDF files and submitted electronically as part of the Project Documentation.