Now, we’ve all had our issues with wireless passwords. Can they be a pain in the neck? Sure they can, especially if you frequently entertain company and are constantly scrambling to provide the WiFi password so that they can check Facebook for what is certainly a vital information update. Often times, it can seem tremendously inconvenient to provide this password over and over again, and the temptation obviously exists to simply turn off security all together. This is not a good idea. That password is there for very valid reasons which we’ll address below.

“Sharing is Caring”… But Know The Risks

There is a growing demand for open wireless networks. As more and more consumers are the world become dependent on the constant connection provided by smartphones, tablets, and assorted iDevices, there is an increasing expectation of instant availability of these networks.

Now, you may be a 21st Century Internet philanthropist, looking to bring the power of high-speed Internet to the people, an admirable goal to be sure. That said, before you stake out a spot for your commemorative plaque, it is important to understand the risks of opening your network to anyone who might come along.